I named her Valentine

I named her Valentine

A mahogany six string ,

An Eastman

Valentine ,

Because of the shop on Valentine street ?

Because I love love ?

Valentine ,

Echoing in its deep notes , my unstable moods

Swaying with the scents of this new city

Warming under my arms ,

As I play unkempt tunes of the life left behind

And unkempt tunes this city plays through me

A French song tonight

A French girl to sing it

Oh Valentine ,

You smell of beginnings and half painful ends

You shall take time to take me in ?

But I already have , shamelessly early

What do I do , what can I ?

Oh Valentine

Are you the muse or the musing ?

Is it the cafe tonight ? Shall I let her sing ?


My mahogany six string

-Shantanu Naidu

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