The Right Stranger

That is the thing about the cracks you bear

Or everyone bears

We want them fixed, as soon as they are made

Maybe it is that not so subtle fear

That what we had before, will never return

Unless we find a stranger to fix you right away

Maybe we want to believe that no matter how harsh these cracks

There is always someone to mend them

And then you think you will love this stranger

Just like all the past strangers

Make him a friend at least

Because at that moment, all that matters to you

Is getting YOU fixed

And he, kind of heart, will fix you

But will it last this time?

Is it the pleasant parts of past ghosts that you’re chasing?

Is he just a cushion to soften your falls

But wait, is it someone from from the blue

Who will fix your cracks, he will

But then He’ll Make sure…

You’ll never have any more

Then do not feel guilty if he mends the wounds made by someone else

Because you won’t just let this stranger mend you my dear

But you will see he made sure,

That you will never need

Another stranger

-Shantanu Naidu

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