The Metro Station

As I stare at the tiny white feather

Dancing to the drafts of the evening

And suddenly as it hangs midair

In the yellow afterglows of my memories

You are there

Looking for me, at the Metro Station

In the night black dress

As i stand in the corner in a sea of people

Not calling out to you

Not stepping in front of you

Just staring at you, under your spells


In all your delicate desperation to find me

Amidst all the heads and hands

Through the most imperfect gap

Your gaze settles on me

And then hits this wave,

This enormously beautiful wave of sheer realization

Its you, It always was

The girl at the Metro Station trying to find me

Beautiful in that night black dress

As the feather now disappears in the overcast windy sky

I can still see us, feel usĀ 

Arm in arm

Walking off

Into another Blurry Bombay night

– Shantanu Naidu

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